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News@CBR Retail Lighting Design and Supply

News@CBR is a news and travel essentials concept exclusive to Canberra Airport. A stunning 284sqm flagship store which is located immediately after security, provides travellers with news, books, magazines, stationery, beverages, snacking, confectionary, technology, gifts, souvenirs, toys and travel essentials. Aglo Systems was pleased to work with AWPL, Trivision and Pennant & Triumph to provide Lighting Design, Aiming and Supply of the fit out.

As part of the design, our lighting designer recommended trialling a 3500K colour temperature as the store position had no daylight coming into the store. Usually a 3000K colour temperature is used, however without daylight coming into the store, our recommendation was that 3000K would be too warm and would not stand out in the area.

Other considerations as part of the Lighting Design was to ensure adequate store front illumination by carefully selecting lighting specifications and positioning. We also worked closely with the contractor to make some alterations as needed including aiming to ensure shelving was effectively highlighted.

The bulkhead feature lighting at the front of the store used double rows of Mondolux Linea Surface Mounted LED strip.

To highlight the perimeter shelves, Mondolux Linea Surface Mounted LED with Stealth 1707 extrusion profile was used. For general lighting and product illumination within the store, Messina Midi Spotlights and Power Track 3 Circuit in black were used.

Merchant Retail Lighting Design and Supply

Merchant is the perfect place to pick up a little piece of Australia before or after your travels. An Australian retailer, Merchant’s curated range allows travellers to explore amazing flavours and goods from the furthest reaches of the region. Aglo Systems provided lighting design and supply for several of the retail stores throughout Australia. Photos shown are of the Perth, WA and T2, Sydney, NSW stores.

As part of the client brief from AWPL for these fit outs, we assisted to create a relaxed shopping experience, with an authentic vibe. For the Perth store we completed full Lighting Design, Supply and Aiming, and in T2, Sydney we completed Supply. For the Perth Lighting Design, the interior/joinery layout was challenging due to the ceiling services that limited us to place the fittings at the ideal locations. Our lighting solution incorporated high quality Mondolux LED fittings Polar Adjustable, Queens Adjustable Downlights, Venice Mini and Venice Mini Wall Washer Spotlights, in black, all supplied with a 3000K colour temperature and high CRI 90. Using the Mondolux Venice Mini Wall Washers avoided scalloping along the wall bays and provided even illumination from ceiling to floor.

As part of the lighting supply solution for T2, Sydney the shopfront entry utilises Mondolux LED Surface Mounted Neonflex with Stealth Linear and Corner Mounted Extrusion with opal diffuser, creating a warm and welcoming vibe. Working with Trivision to complete this fit out, we also sourced additional products to meet the Lighting Design requirements. Other fittings supplied as part of this fitout included Mondolux Polar Adjustable downlight and Venice Maxi Spotlight in black, all supplied with a 3000K colour temperature and high CRI 90 to keep the look and feel consistent with other store fit outs.

Cotton On Kids lighting design and Vivid LED supply

Lighting Design

Part of the lighting design requirement from Cotton On Group included a lower lux level in the baby clothing area, due to the lower height of the plastered ceiling. For this area we specified Siena-Midi downlights, which allow for greater angling flexibility with up to 45° tilting.

Another part of the design brief was to use spotlights that were able to aim towards the top shelves where mannequins and stock would be placed. Our retail lighting design team found the best solution for this was to use surface mounted track as an alternative to suspended track. This positioned the Venice Mini spotlights close to the ceiling to create direct light on the highest shelves in the store. Queens Adjustable downlights were installed throughout the shop floor and entrance, achieving 1000lx for general floor space and 2000lx on the gondolas. For the shopfront window, track mounted Wally wall washers were used to evenly illuminate the large format posters which would be normally displayed.

Coloured Shadow Effect

For this Macquarie store, the client wanted a specific coloured shadow lighting effect for the kid’s ‘fun stuff’ play area located at the back of the shop. Aglo sourced various types of colour filters to suit the Times Maxi spotlight. We tested the quality and effects of the filters and trialled different spacing of the spotlights to provide the best solution for the feature. Three spotlights, each with either red, blue or green filters were installed onto surface mounted track and angled towards the floor of the play area. When a child steps in front of the lights they will be able to see their shadow in red, blue and green cast on the wall.

Vivid LED

All fittings provided for this store feature the new ‘Vivid LED’ chip in a colour temperature of 3000K. This new technology creates beautifully saturated colours and can represent a full range of fine colour gradation in comparison with a standard LED chip.

Download brochure about Vivid LED technology here 



Aglo lighting designers and R & D team test the RGB light feature

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Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

Sports retail lighting design and supply

Aglo Systems has been providing lighting design services and fitting supply to Intersport stores since 2016, with 4 stores currently completed to date.

Our Lighting Design team were challenged with the large floor space, which required a design that would evenly illuminate the multiple, wide gondolas spaced around the store. The solution for this was to use Venice Maxi spotlights with two different beam angles; 20° and 45°. Using a narrow beam angle will create direct light on the stock, whilst using a wider beam angle will evenly illuminate the larger gondolas. The lux levels achieved on the gondolas were 1600-2000 lux.

In addition to Venice Maxi spotlights, Wally fittings were used to avoid scalloping along the wall bays and provide an even illumination from ceiling to floor. All fittings provided have a cool white colour temperature of 4000K and high CRI 90 for excellent colour rendering of products. Following the same interior lighting design concept as other Intersport stores, blue LED extrusion was used in 2m strips to run around the perimeter of the store’s bulkhead. This type of lighting creates a halo like effect. 

Prior to the store’s opening, Aglo’s Lighting design team attended the Traralgon store to angle each fitting and correctly illuminate the merchandise according to the lighting design layout.

Download this case study here

Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

Home Appliances Showroom Lights – Design and Fitting Supply

8 Appliances is a Melbourne based importer and retailer of premium European and Australian brand household appliances. Working off the floorplan for the proposed site, our lighting designers specified the most suitable LED lights and compiled a detailed lighting design. 

For merchandise highlighting, Times Mini, a small, track mounted spotlight was selected to be less obtrusive due to the low ceiling height on the ground floor beneath the mezzanine. The same fitting was used on the mezzanine level so that all tracklights throughout the showroom matched. To create an even illumination in each individually branded kitchen and bathroom mock display room, Pivo Midi snorkel downlights were used which allow for greater angling flexibility and up to 45° tilting. For the office area, the more compact and sleek-looking, Queens downlights were specified. Galaxy highbays were suspended in the open ceiling void to illuminate the front entrance.

All internal fittings Aglo provided for this project have a high CRI 90 to ensure the white goods and fittings looked a clean, crisp white and a colour temperature of 4000K for a cool white ambience.

For external lighting and signage illumination, the Palida Midi floodlight and Shelley floodlight were supplied.

Download this case study here

Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

Australian Geographic Retail Store Lighting Design and Supply

Aglo Systems has been designing and supplying the lighting for the 70+ Australian Geographic stores for over 5 years. We have developed a lighting design concept which is used across all new store fitouts which ensures a consistent look and feel.

The Aglo Lighting Design team ensured all areas were brightly lit and displays illuminated optimally from different angles. The stores feature high quality LED fittings with a 3000K colour temperature and high CRI 90. 

Several different light fittings were selected for this brands lighting design concept. Venice Mini spotlights highlight the wall bays and displays on floor; Glacier Duo downlights illuminate the window display and front entrance, while Stealth-3 Extrusion and LED strip is positioned above the sales counter following the black timber slat ceiling design.

LED strip was placed in the ceiling bulkheads for indirect ambient illumination, which runs around the perimeter of the store. Fuji downlights were used as a novel solution to illuminate four hemisphere planets from inside, which are mounted directly to the ceiling as a decorative feature. Aglo also supplied Sirius LED battens for the back of house area and the illuminated emergency signage.

Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.